King Pedro Ambriz and Queen Alyssa Schwinghamer are reigning over the 2021 Sauk Centre Homecoming.

The monarchs received their crowns Sept. 27 in the coronation ceremony at the high school. The event served to kick off the week and introduce the royal court to the school.

A different element of the day was a hot dog eating contest between the queen and king candidates. After all were seated, the candidates were blindfolded.  When the blindfolds were in place, the queen’s portions were move to the king’s side.

There was also a slide show and a rope-light dance by the faculty.  The event went on a bit longer than expected as the fire alarm went off creating a need to clear the building.

Other attendants of the 2021 Royal Court are: seniors Brenna Bick, Teagan Felling, Summer Fletcher, Abbie Meyer, Tania Salgado, Ethan Hoffman, Ben Millard, Brandon Parish and Macoy Thiesen; juniors Ava Kerfeld and Ryan Schoutz; sophomores Lauren Feltman and Zachary Bick; freshmen Madelyn Schuster and Logan Lingle; and crown bearers Kelty Anderson and Jackson Feltman. Neither Schoutz nor Lingle were able to attend the coronation. During the introduction of the attendants, Schuster was escorted by Millard and Kerfeld by Parish. Ambriz escorted both Felling and Salgado.