Music was always part of Eddie Desautel’s life, growing up in Albany. His earliest memories of music was the sound of drums vibrating throughout the house.

“My dad (Harold) was in a rock band called Stock Raven in the ‘80s, and when I was little, he would drum all the time,” Desautel said. “Growing up, that’s all I would hear on weekend mornings.”

As a child, Desautel’s favorite hobby was singing.

“For fun, I would mimic a lot of singers,” he said. “I spent hours and hours singing to myself.”  

He explored singing further as a member of the Albany High School choir and was selected by the Minnesota Ambassadors Of Music and went on a 17-day tour of Europe singing at numerous events including the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Desautel would never imagine, one day, creating a music album of his own. But he is doing just that with the help of Harold who pushed him to get into music and create his own album. The album, Desautel said, should be finished by the end of January 2022 and is being produced by Harold’s startup production company, called Desautel Productions, with mixing engineering and mastering engineering being provided by two separate studios in California.

“There are going to be seven songs on the album, and we are done with six of them,” he said. “We’re not sure yet on the name of the album, but it’ll come.”  

Two singles have already been released from this album, and there will be no more releases until the album is done.  

“Singles are nice, but you can only catch the true essence of a band by listening to an entire album,” Desautel said. 

The music genre of the album is rock, “but I like to call it northern rock,” Desautel said, which he explained is different because of the style of vocals used.

“Every song is different,” he said. “I’m using different methods or voices, nothing too crazy different, but you can definitely tell it’s the same person but not the same vocals. And the newness of the sound, I can’t pick it out other than to describe it as northern rock.”

The group is made up of Desautel on lead vocals, Harold on drums, former Stock Raven band member Ross Zimmerman on bass guitar, lead guitarist Dez Vonjuiski, and Desautel’s sister, Shelby, on back up vocals and also some lead vocals. Desautel and Shelby both have stage names, Eddie North and Vikki Steel, they go by in their album work.

About 1.5 years ago, they started working on the album. Almost every other weekend, they practiced, with Zimmerman and Vonjuiski, joining virtually.

“Ross would record at his house and send it through the web, as well as Dez,” Desautel said. “It made it a lot harder, but they are not going to travel every time we practice.” 

The songs were written by both Desautel and Harold. Both draw inspiration for their lyrics from everyday life events. 

“Everything (their songs) is just about my life and my dad’s life,” Desautel said. “We do a lot of life stuff because people can relate to it and understand it.”

Relatable songs about life events, Desautel said, is what made many rock songs so popular and a favorite among listeners.

One of the album’s songs, “Whole Night to Fight,” touches on the current civil unrest and the views of law enforcement through the eyes of a law enforcement officer, something Desautel, who, while studying criminal justice interned with the Minnesota State Patrol, can relate to.

“You really got to listen to it to understand some of the meaning,” he said.

Another song, called “Northwoods Man” was written by Harold about his deceased brother. 

Although Desautel likes to dabble in other music genres, like rap or country, his strength and passion is rock. 

“(Rock music) is a huge inspiration for what I do,” he said. “It comes from those great ‘70s and ‘80s rock artists. I believe it’s also the hardest type of music to do.”

Creating music is a big part of his life, but it is not Desautel’s sole career. This 2015 Albany High School graduate just graduated from St. Cloud State University with a criminal justice degree and a concentration on law enforcement. He works as a security officer for CentraCare Hospital in St. Cloud. He plans to attend Alexandria Technical and Community College to become a certified police officer. 

“I like protecting people, especially people who can’t protect themselves,” he said.

Music will forever be a passion of his and he will continue to create songs throughout his lifetime.

“What I enjoy most is just finding and having the musical bond with people, especially my dad,” Desautel said. “It helped us bond and find something we do together we enjoy. It’s therapeutic for me to be able to express myself, and what I’m going through might be what a lot of other people might be going through too.”